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Olivia Haeberli
Yoga Instructor

Namasté and lovely to meet you through me website. My name is Olivia and I’m a yoga teacher from Zurich, Switzerland.

Due to my travels and living in other countries I love to learn something new and broaden my horizon. In 2014 I went to my first yoga class in Sydney, Australia. That lesson was the beginning of a love affair. I did my Yoga Teacher Training (200hr) and an Advanced Assisting Course (30hr) in May 2018 with Power Living in Australia, which brought my practice to a whole different level.

Through practicing Yoga, I could finally find a tool which helped me to connect body, mind and heart - initially how to open that conversation and then how to listen in to the body’s response. 

Yoga is a dance between control and surrender, between pushing and letting go. I want to pass this balance on to everyone around me.

My intension is to give people space to empower them to see and reach their full potential.

Yoga is a tool to live in the present moment. It gives us discipline, focus, courage and it shows us all the hidden possibilities.

I feel honored to share my knowledge with everyone around me.

The practice is an on-going, wonderful journey!


At the moment I’m a primary school teacher, teaching in different schools in Zurich. 

I teach kids yoga too! That's so much fun. 


“It is your life. It is your practice. It is your choice. You are allowed to evolve, change, be and do whatever you want at any given moment. Start believing and trusting in your pathway, your dharma. This is how it’s meant to be. Let it be simple, let it flow!”

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