Namasté and lovely to meet you through my website. My name is Olivia and I’m a yoga teacher from Zurich, Switzerland.

Due to my travels and living in other countries I love to learn something new and broaden my horizon. In 2014, I went to my first yoga class in Sydney, Australia. That lesson was the beginning of a love affair. I did my Yoga Teacher Training (200hr) and an Advanced Assisting Course (30hr) in May 2018 with Power Living in Australia, which brought my practice to a whole different level.



Most commonly I teach a dynamic and energizing Vinyasa Flow where breath and movement become one.

Vinyasa has its roots from the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga.

This practice helps you to start connecting your body and mind with your breath while staying in the present moment and setting the inner self free. Expect a strong, sweaty, satisfying and fun class.


“You will never know, until you do!”



In sound healing frequencies are used to improve our physical and emotional well-being. Due to the fact that we are made of around 70% of water, the vibrations of singing bowls and other instruments will create small waves in our body. These sound waves will bring us harmony through resonance and will release blockages and tensions. 

The combination of meditation, reiki (which is a Japanese healing technique) and a massage will leave you in a beautiful state of relaxation. 

After this class your mood is boosted, your mind is calm and your body feels balanced. What do you want more?


Join a class in the studio or scroll down to find upcoming workshops.



Studio Yoga at Balance 149 

Vinyasa Flow & Sound Healing, Reiki, Massage

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Corporate Classes ​

Does your team want a smooth start into the day or just a conscious lunch break?

Does your team want to learn daily techniques to cope with stress and mental exhaustion? 

I would love to hear from you and plan the next steps.

Private Classes / Family Yoga with your kids 

Sometimes all we need is time for ourselves. Get in touch with me for organizing private Yoga classes, which are especially designed for your needs and desires. Or maybe bring along some friends or family to practice Yoga and share a special experience with them.



Sound Healing 

Healing Sounds Zurich, sessions for a good cause

at Charity Gallery, Buy Food with Plastic 8004

Due to the current situation we have to be patient to get back to our live sessions. But we are planning some great things - stay tuned! 

These events are led by me and my friend Martina. 

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Please feel free to contact me by email and I answer all your questions. I'm excited to hear from you soon!